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1st-Dec-2010 10:31 pm - Trollin'


Oh u omegle!Collapse )


15th-Aug-2010 10:24 pm - ROUGH FOR TINY

For the longest time I had a hard time with simple grammar and spelling. I wanted to improve, but I found my classes boring and the lessons uninteresting. I was at a loss as what to do. I wanted to improve, but I couldn’t find the drive to do so. That is until I learned about text based, post by post, online role playing.  This style of role play provides a fun and interesting way to work on your writing skills. Plus, as an added bonus, it can help with team work skills, or with developing characters and plots.

There are many different ways to role play today. There are video games such as RPGs and MMORPGS (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Games). DnD (Dungeons and Dragons) style roleplays. Which is done in real time with large groups of people. Then there is the Post-By-Post style text based role play that is done online. To role play in this style you have to choose a character from a fandom* and create an account for it on the desired rp* website. Once you have the character you can usually begin to post, or begin to post with other characters. This style requires time and Patience. One person starts the post with their character. They can be on a task or looking for info, or even just wandering around, it doesn’t matter what they do since they are the first poster. After that someone else replies to this post with their own character responding to the first post ICly (In character).

But why would this style of role play be a much better and fun option for learning writing skills? It would be because it gives you a lot of freedom, and the ability to choose something interesting to write about. Without restricting it just to yourself.  Because you write with a group of people you can have other peoples opinions instead of just your own. They can point out grammar and spelling errors, or if they feel an aspect of your writing needs work. The best part is that usually these people are willing to do it in a nice, and helpful manner. Most communities* require a person to create a HMD (How’s my driving) post in which anyone can can comment with critiques on the characterisation and tell the player if they need to improve their writing skills or style.

Another benefit to using this style of role play is that a person can learn to work in a collaborative style of work. In this role play it is impossible to get anywhere with out a least one other person. You have to talk with this other person and work a plot out together and make sure to watch each other’s posts for spelling and grammar errors. If the two people can’t work together then the scenario, or the story, will not get very far before it is impossible to continue. If a person is not careful, and if they don’t communicate properly in their tag* it can also confuse the person which they are trying to write with. As you both right others within the rp community* can read and also comment on what is written between the two. This way the person can still get feed back from more than one person. It also can provide amusement, and fun memories for all the people involved.

30th-Apr-2010 10:16 pm(no subject)
Wall Love
jessaceles 10:01 pm
(10:01:41 PM):     so are you going to make them a kid for mother's day? XD (when is mother's day?)
CaiwinInABox 10:01 pm
(10:01:47 PM):     l yeeees

(10:01:49 PM):     9th
jessaceles 10:01 pm
(10:01:57 PM):     aha
CaiwinInABox 10:02 pm
(10:02:05 PM):     Boy or girl?
jessaceles 10:02 pm
(10:02:08 PM):     hmmm

(10:02:25 PM):     what do you think?
CaiwinInABox 10:02 pm
(10:02:38 PM):     I was Idk

(10:02:43 PM):     I like both ideas xS

(10:02:45 PM):     xD*
jessaceles 10:03 pm
(10:03:26 PM):     heheh maybe... hmmm it'd have to look like both of them hmmm
CaiwinInABox 10:03 pm
(10:03:35 PM):     I was thinking boy
jessaceles 10:03 pm
(10:03:55 PM):     that sounds good, then it can kind of compete with the son she gave raiden XD
CaiwinInABox 10:04 pm
(10:04:08 PM):     xD I could see them being bffs surprisingly
jessaceles 10:04 pm
(10:04:20 PM):     is mantis going to bring it by their apartment? XD how is this going to work
CaiwinInABox 10:04 pm
(10:04:22 PM):     just like "GROWN UPS ARE WEIRD WANNA BE FRIENDS?"
jessaceles 10:04 pm
(10:04:26 PM):     hehee
CaiwinInABox 10:05 pm
(10:05:00 PM):     Maybe rose can end up with the kid and he can be all "WHERE IS DADDY? NO NOT THAT BLONDE GUY HES WEIRD"
jessaceles 10:05 pm
(10:05:21 PM):     hehe yeah, since you'll be playing him too, less muncesting

(10:05:32 PM):     rose will... probably be sad when he goes away
CaiwinInABox 10:05 pm
(10:05:40 PM):     xD
jessaceles 10:05 pm
(10:05:43 PM):     (rrrr rose and mantis having a kid would be frikkin adorable)
CaiwinInABox 10:05 pm
(10:05:48 PM):     Yeeeees
CaiwinInABox 10:05 pm
(10:05:56 PM):     /brings you back closer to the dark side

(10:05:58 PM):     I mean

(10:06:00 PM):     >.>
jessaceles 10:06 pm
(10:06:08 PM):     XD

(10:06:37 PM):     I have a feeling the exact same drama is eventually going to play out again with rose going back sometime XDD;; depending on how raiden and mantis both play their cards
CaiwinInABox 10:06 pm
(10:06:51 PM):     xD

(10:06:56 PM):     Mantis will be playing hard

(10:07:04 PM):     Because damn it he wants her back
jessaceles 10:07 pm
(10:07:07 PM):     awww

(10:07:16 PM):     *feels bad but it's cute*
CaiwinInABox 10:07 pm
(10:07:27 PM):     x3

(10:07:33 PM):     Its something to work with hurhur
jessaceles 10:07 pm
(10:07:38 PM):     hehe indeed
jessaceles 10:07 pm
(10:07:56 PM):     like magic, mantis and rose have something to go off of XD haha all it took was rose being a huge ho
CaiwinInABox 10:08 pm
(10:08:04 PM):     Yeah

(10:08:05 PM):     xD

(10:08:12 PM):     Rose keep it in ur pants

(10:08:23 PM):     except shes only a hoe for raidens and mantits
jessaceles 10:08 pm
(10:08:31 PM):     haha yeah

(10:08:34 PM):     she's a two-man woman

(10:08:50 PM):     they should get together and have a.... nevermind
CaiwinInABox 10:08 pm
(10:08:56 PM):     Threeeeeesome

(10:09:00 PM):     TO THE KINK MEME
jessaceles 10:09 pm
(10:09:00 PM):     pfft

(10:09:03 PM):     ohgod
CaiwinInABox 10:09 pm
(10:09:03 PM):     as sharky would say
jessaceles 10:09 pm
(10:09:33 PM):     I don't think raiden and mantits would like it much
CaiwinInABox 10:09 pm
(10:09:36 PM):     xD
jessaceles 10:09 pm
(10:09:43 PM):     and rose wouldn't like it because they would be trying to kill each other
CaiwinInABox 10:09 pm
(10:09:59 PM):     No I think it would end up in like a wierd sex fight/tug of war with Rose in the middle
jessaceles 10:10 pm
(10:10:31 PM):     ahaha

(10:10:36 PM):     in which case it might be totally awesome
CaiwinInABox 10:10 pm
(10:10:48 PM):     xD
jessaceles 10:11 pm
(10:11:00 PM):     *has a dirty mind :T*
CaiwinInABox 10:11 pm
(10:11:04 PM):     I dont think anyone would get any satisfaction from it though
jessaceles 10:11 pm
(10:11:07 PM):     haha

(10:11:40 PM):     oh man, would little!mantis/rose child look like little!john but with black hair?
CaiwinInABox 10:11 pm
(10:11:41 PM):     Rose would just get warn out, and mantits and raiden would just get angry and sexually frustrated

(10:11:47 PM):     Probably

(10:11:54 PM):     and be slightly creepier xD
12th-Mar-2010 07:31 pm - ~FM Art Requst~
Wall Love
Okay fuckers, go nuts 8D! <3!
16th-Feb-2010 08:44 pm - Sim Adventuuuures
Lots of picsCollapse )
28th-Dec-2009 03:24 pm - Clever Bot Fun
Because this is what I do when I'm bored :|

Lots of images derp~Collapse )
20th-Jul-2009 12:00 am - Wut

I know I promised more con pics... but I'm lazy and my sister already has them all up so... RANDOM POST TIME!

Lots of pics~Collapse )

5th-Apr-2009 07:47 pm - Convention Pics~
Alright I'm going to start this out with pics of myself :)! This year I decided to cosplay as a Hunter from Left 4 Dead~ It wasn't too hard either because apparently it's really easy to make myself look like a dude xD

There is a shit ton of pics :BCollapse )

23rd-Dec-2008 01:58 pm - Duck Art
I may not have photoshop~ But at least I gots paint!

I wont be on for the rest of tonight sadly~ BUt i will make more arts when i get back :p
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